• When will the lottery start, and how long will it last?
    It will start by the 1st day of the feast, and it will last for end of the year 2015, and the biggest winner will be announced in January 2016.
  • Who can sign up for this lottery?
    Kids between 1-15 years old, based in Egypt, and have visited Teda Fun Valley to make his membership.
  • How can I sign up for this lottery?
    Buy TEDA fun valley membership card “TEDA Friend” and became a member in TEDA Fun valley.
    Fill in the membership forum with your info:
    (Full Name, ID number, Child birth date, Mobile number, Address, Email, and Hobbies) then hand it to the customer service agent.
    The kid shall take a photo (smiling) to be saved in his membership.
  • What are the membership cards categories, prices and benefits?
    There are two categories:

    The personal card is named for one person only, and its price is 150 EGP, gives the card owner the right to play in Teda Fun Valley FREE for one year from the issuing date by getting 300 free points every time he visit the amusement park to play the games,
    The family card is named for three members (ex.: the father, mother and the kid), and its price is 250 EGP, gives the family the right to play in Teda Fun Valley FREE for one year from the issuing date, and getting 500 free points every time they visit the amusement park to play the games.
    Both cards give special discount 20% on room rates at Escape Family Hotel (By TEDA Swiss Inn) and also enjoy 20% discount in our Candy World shop.*Discount on rooms doesn’t apply in public vacations.
    *Enjoy all games one time in Teda Fun Valley totally equal 300 points for person and 500 points for family.
  • Could the membership card collect points by accumulation?
    The FREE points don’t accumulate but it ends by the end of the visit day, and automatically recharged by the beginning of the next visit.
  • What would I do to play after using my FREE points?
    If you wanna play after using your FREE points, you can easily recharge your card.
  • How would I win the trip prize?
    Keep visiting Teda Fun Valley and increasing the points account in addition to sharing in the activities online by following our Facebook page.
  • How will you choose the winner by week, month, and the biggest winner?
    Choosing the weekly, monthly or the annual winners totally depending on luck, as we let a special randomization computer system choose between the kids’ pictures randomly, and when you have more pictures in the system it means you have more chances to win, but also still depending on your luck.
    *Competition remain depends entirely on luck.
  • How would I check my point’s credit?
    By visiting Teda Fun Valley website or visiting the amusement park and using the membership card.
  • I have four kids, could I sign up for all of them in the competition?
    One card gives one membership for one kid, so each kid needs one card.
  • I want to exchange my prize with another one?
    It’s not allowed to exchange the prizes.
  • Do I have to pay delivery fees to receive my gift?
    Delivering gifts is totally free.
  • What are the prizes of the competition?
    Cash (500 LE – 5000 LE), bicycles, Cash coupons, laptops and trip to China with your family.
  • If I won in the weekly or monthly lottery, Could I participate in the annual lottery?
    The weekly winner can’t participate in the following weeks’ lotteries in the same month but he/she can participate in the monthly lottery and the annual lottery.
  • How can I get more Bonuses?
    In order to get more bonuses you need to visit TEDA fun valley more and more, each visit gives you 1 bonus, besides following up our online activities on social media platforms, each activity has some rules, follow the rules and you will get bonus after finishing the activity.
  • How can I use the bonus?
    You can use the bonus by two ways, the first way every one bonus you can use as one more picture for your child to increase his chances to win in the lottery, the second way is to accumulate your bonus and exchange with gifts which will be announced later on our social media.
  • How can I use the cash coupons?
    You can use the cash coupons by exchanging its amount with real gifts in Candy world shop that includes more than 50 different games.
  • When and where the lottery will take place?
    All lotteries will be hold at Teda Fun Valley, in the following times:
    The weekly lottery: every Friday.
    The monthly lottery: the last Friday of the month.
    The Biggest lottery: 2016.